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Brotherly Love

The Ace/Luffy Fan Community

The Ace/Luffy Fan Community
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This community is dedicated to the slash relationship between Portgas D. Ace and Monkey D. Luffy.

Don't like that? Go elsewhere.

Alright. Now that that is out of the way...


Founder and Head Bitch-Mod: lightningrapier
Co-Mod of DOOM: postingwhore


This community has been made with open membership, meaning that anybody can join without the need to being approved first. However, the first time we have a troll, this will be changed to Moderated Membership. Please don't be the one idiot that screws it up for everyone else.

That, of course, leads me into the necessary evils, those nasty things called...

The Almighty Rules

1) When posting pictures, large chunks of text (fanfiction), etc, on this community, please use a LiveJournal cut.

2) Please tag your entries with the type of media it is and the name of its creator. If you aren't sure what this means, look at how previous entries have been tagged. Tagging!mod is super tired of fixing tags.

3) Please tolerate ALL members and do not cause unnecessary fights. If you're looking for a fight, look elsewhere (Or you could go make fun of other people who get into fights on LJ).

4) DO NOT advertise other communities on this community. Your post will be deleted. Repeated occurences will cause removal from the community. Just don't do it. I don't care if you make a passing mention to another community, as long as the sole purpose of your post isn't to advertise. I mean it.

5) No hidden links.

6) Don't post anything that does not have to do with the Ace/Luffy pairing specifically. I don't want to see any other OP pairings or stuff that's not even related to OP on this community. Your post will be deleted. There are other communities for that stuff!

7) Anything of the NC-17 nature must be posted behind a LJ cut and MUST have a WARNING as to what is behind the cut (Not worksafe, etc).

8) Just have fun. We're all friends here, and we're all here to spread the Ace/Luffy love!!


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